“In From The Cold”

From the original 24” x 30” oil


From a short story still in progress, this painting depicts the life and struggle of a young woman surviving on her own in the wilderness after migrating with her parents from Eastern Europe in the 1800’s. The mother died shortly into their long journey, while the father also died just after he and the daughter built their own dwelling in America’s northwest.


Barely finding and surviving her way back to the cabin during a treacherous snow storm, the girl can finally relax a moment to tend to her frostbite and wash up. Meanwhile, the relentless snow continues to fall – slowly entombing the crudely built cabin. Her struggle only begins, as she must now rely on all her father taught her growing up in her homeland of Eastern Russia.


See the process how this painting was made on our Vimeo channel link below the "ADD TO CART" icon!


Also available in 24” x 30” (same as original oil)

Also available in artist’s canvas

In From the Cold 16" x 20" Archival Paper

SKU: 015
  • Also available in 24" x 30" and artist's canvas.

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