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"For those who find painting too challenging and have been convinced it is not their “destiny”, try thinking of it as a process of elimination.  Learning what not to do often teaches us more than anything.  Making mistakes should be considered “normal”, and simply accepted as an integral part of this often misunderstood cognitive process.  Much like a dedicated scientist or inventor, a good painter is actually most successful when teetering on the edge of failure.  Only when one is pushing the limits by diving into some uncomfortable territory, are we truly creating at our full potential.  A painter will never achieve greatness playing it safe." 

    Jeffry Krafft

Much of my career revolves around the practice of teaching others - while I continue to study and learn myself the rest of my life.  Below are just a few excerpts taken from my instruction on found on video - either from the television show or DVD.  Similar content is discussed in my actual realism or advanced classes - in addition to helping student's in all classes develop their own painting style, master desired techniques, or realize their own personal and professional goals.

Visit the TV show website with the link below for many more free online videos, DVD content samples, or to make a purchase.

Write or call any time with questions and hope you enjoy.

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shadows & reflections

research & composition with figures

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