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I always enjoyed well made music - of all types.  But, after a long day I've appreciated most something a bit more mellow, often alone, and in a darkened room - leaving one to only imagine the world visually in our own way.  Loving the beautiful work of other composers for so long inspired me to not just play it, but create the music I "hear" myself - often in dreams, where I keep a small notation recorder handy.  I never forget what a famous composer once said "I don't write or create anything!  The music is already there.  What makes me different from those who don't feel they can write, is I'm simply "listening" where they are not." 
So, after going from musician to painter , I thought of creating a multi-sensory experience for the patrons of my visual art - hoping they too can take the time to see a painting, maybe read something about it, and imagine the rest in their own "mind's eye".   We all have the ability.  We just have to let go leaving our subconscious mind to actually "see" it, just as the composer "hears" it.
Writing and producing music can take an enormous amount of time, so I have to limit this concept to very select paintings.  The painting reproductions below are the first and include a CD with the specially written music and short story about the artwork at no extra charge.  Feel free to take a listen here now and imagine what the entire story may look like?  Breath of Life for example will include a series of four paintings (or illustrations) total.  A video below shows some of these other painting ideas in progress.  For those who like more visuals, I've put together these simple videos since I produce videos for other purposes. 
I hope you enjoy
Inspiration Music Video
Breath of Life Music Video
More  Music  For  Paintings

Imagination Painting

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