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From the original 20” x 24” oil


From my series of multi-sensory paintings that include a short story and music, this piece depicts the moment a young widow and mother of three reads a passage that changes her perspective on life – and asks the question “Whom amongst us are the truly “fortunate”? Was she?


The reference for this was simply a photo shoot I took of a girl living in town, along with the restored home of an architect I worked for back in college. The home, filled with original stained-glass windows, was the first source of “inspiration” with nothing more in mind but the visual beauty of the home. Only after the poses were shot, and I studied the model’s somber expression, did the story seem to write itself. I was simply “illustrating” with paint, an experience or life that already may have already existed?


See the “Prints with Stories” page to read more on this subject we can all relate to. Each purchase includes the story and music on CD free of charge with your order.


Image size is 15” x 18” or 20” x 24” (same as original oil)

Alao available on artist's canvas.

Inspiration 20" x 24" Archival Paper

SKU: 012
  • Also available in 15" x 18"

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